Welcome to Aequus!
Aequus, located on the Threesprings server, is a casual raiding guild of mature and experienced players made up by a wide range of ages and backgrounds. There are many different interpretations of casual; however, we defne casual as you are not REQUIRED to raid in order to join us and be a part of our guild family, but if you are interested in raiding we have guidelines and a structure that will help us progress through end content. We avoid dramatics and as such, we ask our members to be respectful, polite, mature, and treat others as they would, in turn, like to be treated. We focus on having FUN as we apply ourselves to overcoming game challenges like 10-20 person Raids, Expert/Master Dungeons, and Hunt Rift Raids.

If we sound like a good fit for you, please fill out our Application located on the left or contact any of the people below in game. All applications will be reviewed ASAP.

Exitium | Roccos | Sylean | Synsoria | Warlegs
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